Noah Horn Well Drilling, Inc. is currently certified for commercial, industrial and residential drilling. All drilling is performed per the laws of licensed states and estimates are available by telephone or fax.

The main thrust of our business is commercial drilling, primarily in the coal and oil/gas industry.   Finished hole sizes for commercial drilling range from 6 ¼ “to 24”. Specialty drilling up to 30” is also  available.  We do all types of drilling: coal exploration, spot coring, pilings for belt lines, monitor wells,  oil and gas, de‐watering, turbine hole, geo thermal, directional and degasification holes.  Driller logs are furnished upon request.  Price sheets are available or we will be glad to offer a quote per specific Job.   Our company is only as good as its employees.  We have the best.  Our employees have more than 200 years of experience in the drilling industry among them.  We will work with you on your specific project needs, and our experienced project managers, pushers, and drillers get the job done right.

We are licensed and certified to perform drilling services in the states:  Virginia, West Virginia,  Tennessee and Kentucky.  The employees of Noah Horn Well Drilling, Inc. also hold commercial drivers licenses and comply with all DOT mandated state and federal laws.  A safe work environment is one of the company’s primary goals.  To that end, we have a written and  approved safety policy and a drug policy.  Quarterly safety meetings and annual safety re‐training are a part of the Noah Horn Well Drilling, Inc. safety program.

The company also encourages and sponsors classes in first‐ aid and CPR annually.  Safety equipment is furnished and must be worn on all job sites;  this includes metatarsal boots, safety glasses, ear plugs and a hard hat. 

The mountains in this part of the states are steep and rugged, often requiring a dozer to pull in the truck and trailer used to haul pipe and casing.  Our rigs can drill down to 6000 feet and beyond, run Range III casing, and still climb the mountains.  Our fleet of rigs are mobile enough to handle the mountains and versatile enough to work in almost any application.  We currently support quick response for mine
emergencies and can deploy rigs for ventilation and extraction holes.  

We currently operate the following Rigs:

11ea RD20’s range 3
1ea RD20 range 2
6ea 185k Speed Stars range 3
2ea T‐4W range 1
We also have in place all the equipment to support drilling with each type of Rig.

Please contact our corporate office in Vansant, Va. for all your drilling needs.

1‐800‐563‐6360 or 1‐276‐935‐5903